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Kicker is a Simple, Powerful and Elegant Sales Tool that let's you manage sales like a boss. We believe that simplicity is the key to productivity.

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So, what's in Kicker?


Track (your) sales

We know that a good overview of your sales pipeline is a critical factor in closing your deals. Kicker has a customizable pipeline where you can change the stage with our simple drag & drop functionality.

Manage your contacts

We’ve built a simple but powerful CRM. Not thousands of different fields and functions but a transparant interface that's easy to use and suitable for anyone in the office. But if you love having thousand of things to press, try one of our competitors...

Log anything you want

Have you just finished a call, meeting or sending an email? Easily log all details in Kicker. Planning something in the future? Plan calls, meetings, emails or tasks and we organize them in a clear overview.

Great statistics and insight

We keep track of everything you do. We provide multiple clear dashboards that gives you a fast overview for open and closed deals, revenues, activities and target progress. In addition these overviews allows you to benchmark your performance.

Totally free

Yes, it's totally free. We think we made a pretty nifty piece of software and we want other people to profit from it to. For now, we don't have any plans in making it a paid piece of software.

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What our customers say...


Kicker is an amazing tool that helps me and my sales team to accelerate sales by providing an awesome interface and accurate statistics about the things that are happening.

Elmar Bonke - MD at Fresh Toast